SoundStage and Stereophile – Best of CES 2012

Sterophile Giya CES012

One Wrong, Two Rights, and the Best Sound at CES 2012

By Doug Schneider

Doug Schneider, editor of SoundStage wrote: “I preferred the Vivid room, for two reasons. First, the Giya G3 sounded unbelievably lively yet natural, projecting sound from its unique enclosure in a transparent, viscerally thrilling way unlike that of any speaker I’ve heard other than Vivid’s own Giya G2. Second, the Giya G3 costs less than one-fourth the Q7’s price….”

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Vivid Impresses Web Monkey

By John Atkinson

John Atkinson, editor Stereophile had the same impression “..this was one of the best sounds I heard at the 2012 Show.”

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