Gramophone Show Report 2013

Featuring Vivid G3 Giya loudspeakers,  we compared high rez PCM & DSD vinyl drops using a LUXMAN DA-06 DAC, versus the original records played on a Luxman PD-171 turntable.  We will also compared music at different sampling rates; the same music transferred from the analogue master tape in 24 bit at 44.1 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 & 192… A very noticeable increase in the quality of timbre & increase in resolution.

Saturday afternoon’s Music Event was well attended by music lovers, who were distinctly of the Classical & Jazz persuasion. Gramophone is unusual in that they sell Classical & Jazz CDs / SACDs & LPs in the store, they also have a separate studio where they sell brass musical instruments, such as trumpets, trombones, etc. Bryan Taylor, the owner plays trumpet & cornet casually with the Edmonton Symphony  Orchestra. We had two systems running simultaneously in two rooms, so there was a lot of running back & forth trying to keep the musing playing in both.

Equipment List:

Big Rig

Luxman PD-171 turntable, L-590AX integrated amplifier & DA-06 DAC driving Vivid G3 Giya loudspeakers.

Little Rig

Luxman L-550AX driving Vivid V1.5 loudspeakers

by Philip O'Hanlon

Music Evangelist and Master of Musical Enjoyment—Philip spends his time looking for fine music, tuning up synergistic electronic components to get the best sound, and making music compilations so he can share his listening journey and experiences with friends and acquaintances.

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