“Spending more to acquire a product of this quality is the only true sensible option”

PD 171 nanam web

Dean Seislove of Positive Feedback wrote: “The Luxman PD-171 establishes such a high standard for the sound quality that can be had at this price point, it’s bound to make many of us recalibrate our expectations and budget for a turntable purchase. You can save your pennies, but who wants to listen to pennies? My new plan of action is to make sure I’m listening to records right now, and not pining for some lottery win turntable, but to also steadily work for the vast improvement that the next level can produce. If you’re ready to reach that destination right now by purchasing a Luxman PD-171/ Brinkmann Pi combination right now, I think you’ll be very pleased, indeed. Highly recommended.”

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