T.H.E. SHOW Newport Beach 2014, here’s the re-cap

T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach, California
May 30 – June 1, 2014

With PFO David RobinsonI’d like to begin by saying we won two awards for ‘Best Sound’ of the show from two reviewers; so to all of you involved: congratulations & thank you!

It was great fun to present my favorite music finds, as eclectic as they are, through components that I felt could bring out the best in them. So glad Dave Robinson (Positive Feedback) & The Audio Beat agreed with my choices enough to award us Best Sound of T.H.E. SHOW.

“Mr. Philip O’Hanlon is an audiophile with refined and exceptional sensibilities… The On a Higher Note room has a strong tradition of highly musical and enchanting playback, with Philip himself DJ’ing one brilliant recording after another…” <more>

– Dave Robinson, Positive Feedback

“But perhaps the star of the show was Luxman’s new SACD player/DAC, the D-08u ($17,990), that is due for release in September of 2014. This new flagship of the Luxman SACD line is an enhancement of the D-08, which has been around since 2008…” <more>

The Audio Beat

Equipment List from our San Clemente Room:

IMG_3350Debut of Luxman’s brand new D-08u SACD player / DAC, Luxman PD-171 turntable, Vivid B1 loudspeakers with Eclipse TD-520SW Subwoofer with SonuruS proximity sub controller, SonuruS ATR-10 Reel to Reel, Mola-Mola Makua & Kaluga, Synergistic Research cables, isolation platforms & room tuning.

On passive display, Vivid G1 Giya & Eclipse TD-712z MK2 loudspeakers were featured.

Playlist from T.H.E. SHOW Newport Beach 2014. Happy Listening!

Illinois Jacquet  – “Birthday Party Blues” 12″ single from “Blues Party” album [Groove Note]
“Mephisto” – vinyl re-issue from Reference Recordings
Fiona Joy Hawkins – “600 Years In A Moment”, vinyl versus DSD file comparison.
Rachmaninov – Fischer, Budapest Festival Orchestra, “2nd Symphony” 2nd Movement, comparison of DSD file from SACD versus DSD download.
Lorde – “Royals” from “Pure Heroine” LP
Luther Vandross & Beyonce – “The Closer I Get to You”, digital hi-res file.
Jack Johnson – Posters from Brush Fire Fairy Tales LP also available as a download from ProStudioMasters.
Nina Simone – “I Loves You Porgy” from “Nina Simone & Her Friends”, download from ProStudioMasters.

Here’s more of what the press had to say about the experience:

The Absolute Sound – Five most significant new products

Stereophile’s Jason Serinus “Very, very musical”

by Philip O'Hanlon

Music Evangelist and Master of Musical Enjoyment—Philip spends his time looking for fine music, tuning up synergistic electronic components to get the best sound, and making music compilations so he can share his listening journey and experiences with friends and acquaintances.

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