Loudspeaker of the Year Award from the Audio Video Magazine for Vivid GIYA G2 but Editor Deon Schoeman said it was “Eerrie”! Find out why!

Vivid Giya G2 collage1

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“Notable from the outset was how authentic the G2s sounded: they had a knack of presenting their musical wares with such pace, presence and timing that the result was almost eerily real. The tonal range was expansive, but so superbly balanced that there was no sense of exaggeration or shortfall — just pure, musical cohesion…

“A common thread throughout every extended listening session, regardless of artist of genre, was the musical integrity, the outright accessibility and the enjoyment the G2s delivered. While they allowed even the most subtle of details to be clearly heard, they never let their revealing nature overshadow the intent and emotive appeal of the performance as a whole.

“The Giya G2s are versatile, too: they easily coped with the gritty, catchy rock of The Stereophonics on Graffiti On The Train, the soul-infused R&B of The Commitments on ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ (one of many powerhouse tracks on this eponymous set), and the all-enveloping, synth-infused atmospherics of Vangelis on his greatest hits anthology, Reprise.

“The Vivid Audio Giya 2s are ground- breaking in design, and constructed to world-class standards. They exude innovation, not only in their aesthetic approach, but also (and more impor- tantly) as far as their bespoke drive units, composite enclosure and acoustic engineering are concerned. Best of all, they sound fantastic: tonally and spatially expansive, explicit in their treatment of detail and nuance, and musically enthralling.”

Deon Schoeman, Editor of AVSA

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