Video of Doug Schneider, Founder and President of Soundstage! Network on Vivid Audio’s GIYA and Oval series

2014 Doug Schneider on Vivid Audio

Doug has personally reviewed two models of Vivid Audio’s loudspeakers.  At a dealer event in Montreal, we grabbed him to tell us what he thinks about both the Giya and Oval series from Vivid Audio.  Watch the video!

Vivid’s GIYA G3 just won both the overall Product of the Year Award for 2014 from Stereophile as well as joint Loudspeaker Of The Year (along with the Wilson Audio “Alexia”) and it is showing at the Venetian Room 35-110.  If you are at CES, please drop by to see us play our Demo XVII songs with them.

Contact us to schedule an audition at a location near you.

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