PD-171 review: Hi-Fi News puts Luxman turntable to the test…

Luxman PD-171 turntable review by Hi-Fi News

Hi-Fi News has published a Luxman PD-171 review:

“[The PD-171] is a superb statement of intent from a classic Japanese name, clearly acknowledging that vinyl is well and truly back to stay.”

Using music from the same era as the original PD-171, the reviewers at Hi-Fi News start easy and graduate to recordings that test the limits and capabilities of the PD-171 a bit more each time than the last recording. They even suggest a relatively inexpensive upgrade to the PD-171. See how it fares with their choice for final music challenge—a Bach concerto for two harpsichords—and read the rest of the PD-171 review at Hi-Fi News.

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