Catch Lori Lieberman at the Mirage Hotel Suite E17 at CES 2016 for an intimate acoustic performance

Lori Lieberman at CES 2016

We’re delighted to announce an hour of acoustic performance by Lori Lieberman at our Penthouse suite at the Mirage during CES 2016 at

Time:   2 pm

Date:   both Thursday and Friday (January 7th and 8th).

We’ll be playing recordings of her against her own live performance over our system and letting you be the judge of how life-like a recording can sound on an excellent system.

Place: The Mirage Hotel, penthouse suite, suite #E17.

Time and date: Thursday and Friday (January 7th and 8th) at 2pm. You can also learn more about CES 2016 and check out our equipment list at our CES event page.

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