Grammy’s Official Artist, Yuroz, released paintings series to pay tribute to musicians

6610 2
6610 2
6610 – “Our String Duet”, Mixed Medium on Museum Board, 13.5″ x 10,5″ (34.3 cm x 26.7 cm)

The value of music art is beyond measure and is extremely important to our psyche.  When the world is challenged, music speaks and art echoes.

Our sponsorship of Yarlang Records with a series of DSD 256 recordings was our way of giving back.   Supporting the arts has been a constant in our lives.  A master visual artist / painter / sculptor we have had the pleasure to collect from during the last two decades and recently have the pleasure to work with is Yuroz.  Yuroz comes with many accolades and is no stranger to the music industry as he was the official artist for the 35th Annual Grammy Awards for National Academy of Recording Arts and Science,

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An internationally celebrated narrative painter / sculptor of Armenian descent, Yuroz has been a Los Angeles resident during the past 30 years. He uses symbols to tell his stories musical instruments are prominent throughout his work as a symbol of creativity.

A music lover and a flautist, Yuroz uses musical instruments in his paintings to symbolize the expression of ours dreams and a manner in which we serenade our loved one. He always paints with music on and recently we have had the pleasure to introduce Yuroz to high fidelity sound.

Equipped with a pair of Eclipse TD-M1‘s, Yuroz discovered that high fidelity speaker system allows him to disconnect from the world, hearing each whisper, each breathe and each echo from the musicians’ instruments. “Discovering details I did not know exist in my albums makes each record a new adventure for me. It’s like it wakes up a part of my brain that was asleep, channeling so much excitement and energy when I do my design work on my desktop”.

As a tribute to the musicians and composers, he released a series of drawings, “The Musicians”, to express his gratitude to the musical professionals for sharing the voice of their souls.

Yuroz communicates in silence but viewers can definitely feel the vibration from each line, each curve, and each brush stroke he puts down. “When one art form inspires another, it sparks creativity and gives meaning to what we do as artists,” says Yuroz.  In this series, the contrast between each sharp line and each sensual curve, and the harmony between the multiple shades of charcoal grey to create three-dimensionality draws a parallel to the rhythm of the music created by all the masters with work that touches him every day.

For more information about this series, contact Yuroz’s representative here or call 1-888-886-6762.

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