Artesania Audio “Finish” with strength at Munich High End!

PC Kroma Exoteryc Racks in Black with Glass TTP

After last year’s new products introduction, Artesania Audio showed up this year at Munich High End with a proud collection of display in 11 rooms flaunting their continuous worldwide support in the industry among high end audio manufacturers.  We can’t help but notice that this Spanish manufacturer spent the last year on R&D to expand on their promises of versatility, performance and aesthetics in the existing offerings.  Their innovation in incorporating new anti-resonant raw materials and engineer parts and their partnership with manufacturers like TechDas, Nagra, and others allow equipment owners of these brands to take the performance of their existing electronics to the next level with the blessings of those trusted brands.

The Classical Line [Exoteryc | Prestige] with added versatility for increased performance and aesthetics

PC Kroma Exoteryc Racks in Black with Glass TTP
Black with a gorgeous glass turntable platform along with their similarly anti-resonant Aire Floor Platform

New colors available with matching dampeners (for Exoteryc and Prestige) – As an illustration, Artesania brought a red Ferrari Red with matching red dampeners, and a White Legs with Gold Frames sample with gold dampeners to the show.

Carbon Fiber Frame with wooden base inserts that were developed for the Master Kyo rack can be outfitted on these racks.  According to one of the European distributors who was at the show, this is by far the best money to take the Exoteryc racks collection to the next level of performance that is noticeably audible.  Call for more details.

Organic Line – Modular Racks in Optional Colors and Finishes including luxury leather finish covering the steel tubes

The Modular Racks present the novelty of using conventional permanent shelving solutions.  Manufactured with steel tubes, titanium spikes, and solid surface Krion shelves, the added layer of Panzerholz wood with a restricted layer of elastomer provides energy control and vibration elimination. This first modular design by Artesania facilitates customers to configure and update their configuration with the addition of more shelves at any time.  Assembly is simple and customers can update their rack in a matter of a few minutes.

TechDas Airforce Turntable Platforms

Developed by Tech Das under Mr. Nishikawa engineering specifications and specially made by Artesania Audio, the  Artesania Airforce Turntable Platforms have built-in acrylic damping made by special acrylic crystal custom for Air Force I, Air Force II and Air Force 0, providing an excellent absorption capability for any vibrations.  Existing Classic Line rack owners with Exoteryc or Prestige Rack can add this platform to their existing rack with ease.  Existing Exoteryc and Prestige turntable platform owners can also keep the hardware and only replace the platform, saving conversion costs while increasing the luxury and performance of your analog listening pleasure.

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