Video/Podcast posted with Philip O’Hanlon discussing the high end audio hobby and’s kickoff with Abbey Road’s 50th Anniversary N. American high end audio party on Sept 28th

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IMG 2964 small 1066x800 1Two music lovers, two generations apart, chatted about their personal experience with music and how it changes their lives.  One opened up his platform to invite the other to share his experience in music presentation. The pair got together with one common goal – to inspire others to experience music at a deeper level in hopes to better many lives.

At, this 25-year-old musician/composer/songwriter/singer/producer, Haig Gevorgian uses his podcast + youtube platform to build a community of creatives to share authentic conversation about their passion and their calling.  A savvy podcaster who loves life, Haig’s curiosity and desire to contribute becomes his driver behind his platform.  At his tender age, he hopes to inspire and better the lives of his audience and is leading the charge to introduce the art of listening both in conversation and in music to his generation to “touch every strand of their souls”.

In this Podcast and Youtube episode, Philip O’Hanlon explains his path as a music lover first and foremost and how the art of music enjoyment led him to the high-end audio industry first as a consumer and now as a music presenter.  He explained the importance of any generation to know certain pieces of music that are “historically important” that must be shared and re-shared.

With many anecdotes, music recommendations, heartwarming and lively shares between Haig and Philip, they discussed why nation’s 40+ high end audio store owners with the support of the high end audio press got together to throw the largest party in North America behind the celebration of the 50th anniversary release of The Beatles’ Abbey Road.

Dial into this “why” discussion and find out the inside scoop on’s effort and their open invitation to music lovers in North America to join the party.

September 28th from 3 to 6 pm in 40 locations 

Go here to find a location near you

Why is joining in our invitation

Haig Gevorgian is a 25-year-old musician/composer/songwriter/singer/producer and a screaming music lover.  His guitar strokes are insane and his songs are original and personal.  Besides his performance and recording record, he has a distinct understanding and appreciation for great music composition, recording and playback.  His enthusiasm to share the mind, heart and souls of creatives coupled with his personal love of music got him to want to spread the word on the our hobby as it is innate in him that the path to touch people’s lives with music is in brilliant music playback delivery.

Please follow him on his website, like his facebook platform, his youtube channel and search for “thestudiocornerpodcast” in any podcast platform as chances are he is on it.

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