Brinkmann RoNT II

RoNt II small

Here is probably one of the strangest upgrades you have read about in an age.

Michael Fremer wrote his CES 2012 Coverage in The April issue of Stereophile: “Brinkmann showed a prototype tubed power supply for its direct drive turntables. A tubed power supply for a motor? Ridiculous, right? Well, all who thought so changed their minds after hearing a comparison of Brinkmann’s Balance turntable driven by Brinkmann’s solid-state and tubed power supplies. I have no idea why it should make a sonic difference in favor of the tube supply, but it did.”

Brinkmann RoNT II vacuum tube power supply for all Brinkmann turntables including the Magnetic Direct Drive models “Bardo” & “Oasis”.  Truly a remarkable upgrade for these turntables, noticeably fuller, richer sound. Music Lovers in SF demoed the prototype for their customers last month and ordered five!

Happy listening…

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