The San Francisco Audio Show

California Audio Show

California Audio ShowCALIFORNIA AUDIO SHOW 2012

The San Francisco Audio Show hosted by Dagogo was unfortunately the worst Audio Show that we have ever participated in.  We had so much bleed through from the adjacent air wall, Legacy & ourselves had to alternate music every fifteen minutes.  Unfortunately it is impossible to get a vibe going, then stop the music and wait fifteen minutes before resuming.

We lent SONY the Luxman 80’th Anniversary monoblocks & matching preamp along with a D-08 SACD player & E-1 phono stage to enable them to debut their new Sony SS-AR2 loudspeaker ($20,000/pair).  I sat in on Friday afternoon for a fifteen minute listen and came away most impressed – the speakers sounded full bodied, musical and utterly enjoyable.

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