HRS Heavyweight Record Weight


During The California Audio Show in San Francisco, Mike Latvis from HRS lent us a new heavier record weight, the ADH ($400), to try out on the Luxman PD-171 turntable.

As a side note, we have been using the lighter version, the ADL ($200) which delivers excellent results on our Luxman turntable.  Machined from aluminum with a proprietary polymer base (something akin to rubber), the original ADL weighs 315 grams.

This ADH, the “Heavyweight”, we received from Mike, however, is machined from stainless steel and weighs 900 grams (approx. 2 lb).  Wow, does it ratchet up the performance of the Luxman turntable!  I dragged Josh Rudner and others into the room and we did an ABCD comparison between four record weights and the results are daunting!

Amongst the four record weights, the two HRS were the cheapest.  Moreover, it was the Heavyweight that stood out as the sonic equal of the ClearAudio Statement Clamp ($1,200) at a fraction of the price.

Everyone agreed on the sonic improvement: the sound was fuller, while the bass played deeper, and the mid-range had more body.  It was as if the whole system had been given a steroid injection.  The noise floor was lowered and the records were more dynamic.  It is amazing how you can improve your vinyl playback so much for a measly $400; the sort of performance improvement you would probably expect only after replacing the cartridge with one that may be twice the price.

Friendly word of advice though: ask your dealer if you can borrow and try out at home before you commit to the purchase.

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