Peter Roth of Ultra Audio SoundStage Reviewed Vivid G3 Giya

g3 trio web

We are delighted to share with you the first English language review of the G3 Giya in SoundStage by Peter Roth (who bought the review sample)


Rich, vibrant, exciting, engaging, and sustaining, this smallest Giya from Vivid Audio realizes the aspiration of its designer to create a precise transducer whose reproduction of music does not create stress in the listener.

Its compact shape may be unique, but to my eyes is uniquely beautiful. While it hits the ball out of the park in all the traditional hi-fi categories of soundstaging, coherence, detail retrieval, etc., perhaps the Giya G3’s greatest strength is its total absence of cabinet-imposed coloration or character. The G3 performs a sonic disappearing act like no other speaker I’ve heard. For the demands of my compact listening room, Vivid Audio’s Giya G3 is an essentially perfect pairing with my reference electronics from Ayre Acoustice —– a pairing I’ve now made permanent.

Happy Listening…

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