“Great gear in the service of great music” Coup de Foudre 2014 Show Report


Coup de Foudre in Montreal

January 24 – 25, 2014


Photo Credit – Doug Schneider


Photo Credit - Pulsion Audio
Photo Credit – Pulsion Audio

Choice Artists:

Here is a brief list of the artists that were featured as part of the playlist – Patricia Barbara, Sergei Prokofiev & Doug McCloud.



Equipment list:

Luxman PD-171, DA-06, M-900u & C-900u
TriPlanar U2 tonearm
Vivid G3 Giya
Eclipse TD-M1


Music Seminar Testimonial:  Open in new tab

Here’s what Doug Schneider of SoundStage had to say about the weekend’s festivities:

“…Part of the reason for the success probably had to do with Philip’s presentation — he’s an entertaining, engaging presenter who knows how to captivate audiences. But the other parts also had to do with the quality of the system and the nature of his music selections…” <more>

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