“Great gear in the service of great music” Coup de Foudre 2014 Show Report


Coup de Foudre in Montreal

January 24 – 25, 2014


Photo Credit – Doug Schneider


Photo Credit - Pulsion Audio
Photo Credit – Pulsion Audio

Choice Artists:

Here is a brief list of the artists that were featured as part of the playlist – Patricia Barbara, Sergei Prokofiev & Doug McCloud.



Equipment list:

Luxman PD-171, DA-06, M-900u & C-900u
TriPlanar U2 tonearm
Vivid G3 Giya
Eclipse TD-M1


Music Seminar Testimonial:  Open in new tab

Here’s what Doug Schneider of SoundStage had to say about the weekend’s festivities:

“…Part of the reason for the success probably had to do with Philip’s presentation — he’s an entertaining, engaging presenter who knows how to captivate audiences. But the other parts also had to do with the quality of the system and the nature of his music selections…” <more>

by Philip O'Hanlon

Music Evangelist and Master of Musical Enjoyment—Philip spends his time looking for fine music, tuning up synergistic electronic components to get the best sound, and making music compilations so he can share his listening journey and experiences with friends and acquaintances.

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