Ed Momkus of Dagogo said Giya G1 speakers are “A Fantasy Come True”

Vivid GIYA G1 profile
Laurence Dickie with Vivid Giya G1
Laurence Dickie with Vivid Giya G1

Ed Momkus of Dagogo talks about his personal journey from “Knowing nothing about it” to having an open mind, to being a raving fan and ultimately becoming one of the proud owners of “A Fantasy Come True”, making Vivid Giya G1s his new reference speakers… “Ohhh My God… Explosively Dynamic.  Lightning Fast.  Incredibly Articulate.  Highly Extended.  Insanely Detailed.  Organically Coherent.  Tonally Natural.  Chameleon-like with all music.  Take your pick… <more>

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