Salon Son et Image 2014, Montreal, through my lens

Banner Montreal Show 2014Montreal Audio Show at the Hilton Bonaventure Hotel in Montreal, Quebec

March 28 – 30, 2014

G3's and Luxman Coup de Foudre's room SSI 2014
G3’s and Luxman
Coup de Foudre’s room
SSI 2014

First and foremost, sincere congrats and thanks … Congratulations to our dealer/partner, Jennifer and Graeme at Coup de Foudre (CdeF) in Montreal for yet another successful event. It is a true delight to partner up with CdeF in bringing Luxman, Vivid, and Eclipse TD to show at Salon Son et Image (SSI). The workhorses behind the scenes that I owe great gratitude to were Erik Fortier and Danny Labrecque. They helped with every aspect, including assisted tremendously in the logistics of moving, unpacking and situating all the gear.

demo roomAttendance was great … deeply touched by local hospitality, Quebecois style

We want to thank everyone that came to see us at the show. Before I dive into the gear and music talk, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the hospitality I experienced while I was there. I was deeply touched when gifts of food were brought into the room for me on both Saturday and Sunday by different show attendees and clients of CdeF’s, most of whom I have only met the first time.

Not being able to leave the room does make it difficult. Thank you for the thoughtfulness and it was greatly appreciated. It was truly a pleasure sharing my music with you. I am lining up a great big surprise to take with me in a couple of months and hope to be back visiting these fine folk before too long.

Luxman in the roomBehind the scenes on equipment and setup

Luxman decked out in style: PD-171 turntable, E-1 phono stage, C-900u control amplifier, DA-06 DSD DAC, M-900u stereo amplifier, the latter not only looks stunning, but its high frequency performance is utterly grain-less, driving the Vivid Giya G3. Cardas Cables & Obois equipment rack.

The set up challenge… We positioned the speakers on the long wall, as the room was too narrow and almost tunnel shaped. It was pretty much near field listening, which is great in a problematic room for dialing the room out of equation, well, almost. The system always sounds horrible once initially connected, so I did not bother to place the speakers, but waited until the system settled down. Friday came and I positioned the speakers an hour before the show opened but was truly disgusted by a honking great room node in the mid bass. Honestly, when this note was exacerbated, it boomed across the room seemingly, endlessly…

eclipse-tdm1-pic6Playing host to the very person who inspired me on the wonders of “time domain”

On Saturday afternoon, I was delighted to introduce Stereophile’s Robert Deutsch to the Eclipse TD-M1. It was Bob who attracted my attention originally to Eclipse TD with his startling review of the original TD712’s.

When Robert recognized the diminutive new speakers, he commented, “You know I reviewed their big brother many years ago for Stereophile? They are very special and hold a place in my heart.” After I finished demonstrating the M1’s, he commented: “My only question is which room should I put them in?”

Art Dudley from Stereophile told me afterwards that Robert had been smitten by the baby Eclipse and was still searching for the most suitable room in his room for these M1’s. Art called them, “A very small eclipse”… <more>

Here’s the playlist from the show including musings (hyperlinked), French music demo and popular Italian songs. Happy listening!

Playlist In Montreal
1Emilie-Claire BarlowSeule ce soir
2Nina SimoneI Love You PorgyNina Simone And Her Friends
3Billie Joe & Norah JonesForeverly
More French demo music played
5CamilleAllez, Allez, Allez
6Jacques BrelJojo
7CamilleQue je t’aime
8Madeleine PeyrouxLa Javanaise
9Jacques BrelLe Marquises
10Serge GainsbourgDieu Fumeur de havanes
Popular Italian songs on my playlist
11Zucchero & Miles DavisDune Mosse
12Gianmaria TestaPer Accompagnarti
13Gianmaria TestaJoking Lady
14Melody GardotSe Voce Me Ama
15ZuccheroII Suono Della Domencia
16Eros Ramazzotti & AnastaciaI Belong to You (II ritmo della passion)

Here’s what the press had to say about the experience:

Photo Credit - Stereophile
Photo Credit – Stereophile

“Dollar for dollar, the TD-M1 wireless loudspeaker system from Eclipse ($1300/pair) was among the most impressive products I heard at SSI…” <more>




Photo Credit - Stereophile
Photo Credit – Stereophile

“When I return home from Montreal I’ll be able to tell my 16-year-old daughter, truthfully, that I listened to Lorde’s “Royals” on a very good system…” <more>





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