HiFi+’s Jason Kennedy reveals the secret sauce behind the Vivid Giya G3 loudspeakers

g3 trio web

HiFi+August2014“…few alternatives come close to this degree of perfectly timed transparency…”

“…the detail coalesced into a musical experience that was like no other.”

Ever since the G3’s have been in the market, the one single question we are asked most is “Do the G3’s sound as good as the G1’s?”

Jason’s detailed review of the result of Laurence Dickie’s “Honey, I shrunk the speakers” gave not only a comprehensive comparison but revealed the innovation that is ultimately adopted by the rest of the Giya family.

Get your copy from the news stand today to see why Jason concluded that “Small is beautiful” and why “most speakers are more colored and less ultimately resolute” than Vivid’s Giya G3.

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