Luxman PD-171 won “Highly Recommended” in the Turntable Category from Hi-Fi News’ 2014 Yearbook + Read reviewers’ experiment with the low end

Hi Fi News Luxman PD 171 review

“The Luxman PD-171’s stylish if retro exterior conceals a design that is absolutely contemporary.  With stunning engineering and intelligent digital control electronics the PD-171 is a delight to use.  It offers a captivating musical performance.”

“The Luxman can certainly channel a 1980s vibe when required.  The deck has a pleasing sense of impact and fluidity, making the percussion skip along with intent while capturing the essence of the analogue synthesizers playing on the track.”

“… very fine sense of clarity… very clean, clear and tight top end with superb levels of detail allied to an impressive crispness…”

“Given that the Luxman had proven itself to be such a champion in excavating filigree detail… challenge was in order… Bach concerto for two harpsichords…  as distinct as we have ever heard them… supporting orchestra… a perfect backdrop but never intrusive”.

At this session, the reviewers replaced Luxman’s “one of the thickest rubber mats we have seen” with an Achromat.  They liked the better feeling of authority and greater detail at the low end with this tweak.  Give it a try to see if you agree with them!

Contact us to audition this beautiful turntable (also offered with piano black trim as an option for $500).

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