Hi-Fi Choice’s Ed Selley Gave a 5-Star thumbs up to Eclipse TD-M1 desktop speaker system

Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD-M1 High-End Airplay Stereo System: The most advanced desktop and Airplay system available. 24/192 DACs and amplification built-in
Hi-Fi Choice Nov 2014 cover
Hi-Fi Choice Nov 2014 cover

“Desktop delight” is what Mr. Selley called this AirPlay enabled USB 24/192kHz Class D single-driver desktop speaker system.  In about a month (Mid-December), the TD-M1 will also be officially certified for Android as well!

“… one of the finest pieces of desktop audio on sale today.”

“… The appearance of Eclipse is one of its trump cards.  The shape is a function of the Time Domain principle, … fabulous looking little speakers… The fit and finish is top notch…  ”

“If your musical tastes are broader than this (genres making use of the word ‘dub’), and you can grant Eclipse the nearfield listening position that they benefit from… behind the Time Domain principle is to create a speaker better able to follow the variations and nuances of a piece of music… TD-M1 delivers a performance… almost supernaturally fast.”

“… cohesion across the bulk of the audible frequency range.”

“… presentation can often be likened to listening to a decent pair of open-backed headphones…”

Visit our site or call us to arrange for an audition.  To view full article, the issue is on sale here.

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