David Robinson at PFO and I had the same first stereo system! Tell us about yours!

Sony TC630

David Robinson and I connected after show hours at RMAF 2014 one evening and the topic of our “first stereo system” came up.  Turned out, at the risk of dating ourselves, both of us as teenagers had bought the Sony TC630 tape recorder as our first system.  That recorder had a pair of detachable speakers in front and included an amplifier and a phono section.

Coincidentally, the first thing both of us did was to buy a turntable to connect to it.  Then, the second thing we both did was to replace the speakers with something better. David was more adventurous than I was.  He used his tape recorder to record local bands.

Before my “Philip’s Demo CD’s”, I have been putting compilations together for my personal enjoyment for many years in whatever the contemporary medium of choice was.  Back in those days, I actually used the Sony TC630 tape recorder to start putting together my first compilations! 

The other day I actually found a picture of me typing up the label on a cassette deck over 30 years ago when I was living in East Africa (see below)… far cry from computer audio…

Young Philip O'Hanlon in South Africa
Young Philip in South Africa

What is your first stereo?  Post yours here or on our facebook page!  Inviting you to travel down your memory lane with me.

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