PROMOTION: Is accessing your high fidelity music collection anytime, anyhow, anywhere a holiday wishlist? Rip 150 of your CD/SACD FOR FREE

CD spines e1433748596509

Here’s a nudge from us! GET 150 of your CD/SACD rippedFOR FREE with the purchase of our extremely musical and non-fatiguing Luxman DA-06 DSD DAC (offer through end of December while holiday supplies last).

In addition, we continue our last year’s bonus where upon registration of your purchase (here to download DA-06 warranty registration form), you will also receive a bonus gift of a USB card with sample native DSD recordings from Channel Classics to make sure you hear what this DAC is truly capable of.

Using the same DAC as Luxman’s D-06 CD/SACD player which sells for $9,000, the Luxman DA-06 DSD DAC retails for $4,990, a great value!

Here’s a GET 150 of your CD/SACD ripped FOR FREE FORM you need to use with your dealer to take advantage of the promotion.  You will need this Excel CD/SACD submission list to put together and submit your list.

This promotion was inspired by my music evening with Steve Williams at WhatsBestForum.  See our blog article on my time with Steve, my journey to access my music collection anytime, anywhere, anyhow since 1998, my criteria for a DAC that does our listening experience justice.

ps. all bonus and promotion must be claimed within 60 days of purchase.

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