CES 2015 press coverage: “Tower Of Power via Vivid and Mola-Mola”

Mola-Mola's Makua, the Preamplifier and Kaluga, the Amplifier
PC - Stereophile
Vivid Oval V1.5 matte Dutch Museum Blue & Luxman M-700A – PC – Stereophile

“Go hear Tower of Power,” said Jon Iverson, “on the 35th Floor of the Venetian. See Philip O’Hanlon and tell him I sent you.”

“What is the Tower of Power?” I asked.

“You’ll see when you get there,”he said.

“I found Philip O’Hanlon in the ‘On a Higher Note’ exhibit room…The sound was fast, detailed and rich in timbre. The preamplifier (Mola-Mola Makua) had a new internal DAC designed specifically for that unit by Bruno Putzeys…” <full article>

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