Joël Chevassus described Vivid GIYA G1’s as “formula one race cars compared to most civilian loudspeakers” as the G1 wins another award!

2015 6moon Blue Moon Award Vivid G1
Pearl White Vivid Giya G1’s powered by Luxman M-800A monoblocks
Pearl White Vivid Giya G1’s powered by Luxman M-800A monoblocks.

This article begins by explaining Joël’s passion for his Vivid Oval K1’s which paves the way into his informative review of the GIYA G1. He topped off the review with yet another award for the GIYA G1!

“…In my opinion that’s unique to the Vivid experience. It’s in fact the cause of my greatest addiction to this South African brand…

“…Vivid Audio and Laurence Dickie are about anything but marketing chat. That’s important to highlight since many audiophiles stop short with Vivid’s audacious form factors. Truly each step in the design of their speakers was guided by function…

“To my ears they represent the purity and perhaps essence of what I am looking for in the field of music reproduction: neutrality, clarity, transparency, liveliness and natural scale.

“To me the G1 appears to be one of the very best speakers I could buy today. I will thus take action. These will not fly back to Durban…”

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