Maximum pleasure from a superb desktop audio system – Eclipse TD-M1


“I work from home, and most of that work is spent in front of a screen. It’s not possible to work with headphones, because I would be forever removing them to answer my land-line or mobile phone, so I’m a prime candidate for good desktop audio. What I didn’t realize is how much pleasure I would extract from good desktop audio.”

Nicholas Ripley, HiFi+

When you realize unexpected “pleasure” from a listening experience, as what Nicholas Ripley of HiFi+ experienced when writing the review of the Eclipse TD-M1, then you need to ask what have I been missing?

“… the TD-M1 is not a typical desktop loudspeaker system… what is surprising is just how good this speaker system is at imaging under the most hostile of conditions in the domestic world; situated to the sides of a whirring, noisy, and physically large computer-sized box smack, bang in the middle of the place where soundstages get undermined…”

“… unforced, three-dimensional sound, the kind you normally get with an extremely carefully manicured audio system…”

“The DAC itself shows just how serious Eclipse takes the project: it’s a non-oversampling, 24-bit, 192KHz capable DAC, the kind of thing you would normally find in crushingly expensive, hand-made digital products.”

“Truth is, I’ve really enjoyed my time with the Eclipse TD-M1, to the point where I’m reluctant to give them back in a hurry. Desktop loudspeakers are not for everyone anymore, but conventional loudspeakers in a living room are not for everyone anymore either, and I suspect there are more people out there today for whom the TD-M1 is a more acceptable proposition than the full-scale audio system.”

“This is just a good, fun active loudspeaker that just happens to be designed for the desktop. Try it, you might find it changes the way you listen to music. And for once, that isn’t an exaggeration! Highly recommended.”

HiFi+ joined the ranks of Wired Magazine, Rolling Stone, Ear Magazine, Men’s Journal, Hi-Fi Choice,, The Financial Times, Computer Audiophile, AudioStream & Forbes to have published a positive review of this revolutionary desktop speaker system. You owe it to yourself to check it out. Call your local Eclipse dealer or contact us for an audition.

To purchase this issue (issue #119) of HiFi+, go here.

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