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Enjoy the music.com calls Eclipse TD-M1 a “wonderful piece of high fidelity gear”

Enjoy the Music reviewed the Eclipse TD-M1 wireless desktop speaker system last month. “Good sound quality doesn’t call attention to itself. It simply is. The Eclipse TD-M1 wireless speaker system simply blended in to my desktop environment. It didn’t distract or call attention to itself. Classical music rolled from the speakers with a tonality that […]

Eclipse drops price on its TD-M1 high-res audio wireless desktop system—from $1299 to just $999!

March 22nd 2016, San Juan Capistrano, CA: ECLIPSE, the high-performance loudspeaker division within Fujitsu Ten, the multi-billion-dollar global technology giant, has made its most resolute, easy to use, high-res audio wireless desktop system, TD-M1 $999 from $1,299!

New Eclipse Endorser: 4-time Grammy Award winning producer/mixer Neil Dorfsman

Neil Dorfman Eclipse testimonial

Neil Dorfsman is a producer and mixer/engineer who has won 4 Grammy Awards for Best Producer and Best Engineer working with artists including Sting, Dire Straits and Bruce Hornsby. “In my studio…they have become the ‘go-to’ speaker for checking mixes, balances, and simply enjoying music. They sound—and look—amazing.” Neil Dorfsman Learn more about Eclipse here […]

Grammy-award winning producer Jeff Jones shares how he religiously uses the Eclipse TD-M1 speaker system to record natural dynamics

“Everything, absolutely everything in my final product has become more clear…I know for a fact that since hearing and working with the TD-M1 my skills became elevated to a new level. Every recording I’ve produced with the TD-M1 is sonically better because my view is unclouded. I am an artist. The recordings I produce are considered high art. Now that I have the TD-M1 I have more precise tools to work with and my work shows it.”

Read why Stereophile’s Art Dudley picks Eclipse TD-M1 as his go-to system for the music he wants to hear right away

“…in every case, digital files streamed wirelessly to the Eclipse TD-M1 exhibited more momentum and flow, and were far more involving…” “…listening to the Eclipse system reminded me of listening to headphones – but headphones that everyone could hear, that didn’t make me feel as if I were in an isolation tank” “…music played through […]

Ed Selley of Hi-Fi Choice “waves the flag for single drivers” in an informative review of the Eclipse TD-M1 desktop system

“…’Time Domain’ principle…distinctive and seriously impressive… The TD-M1 represents an attempt to marry this technology with a degree of convenience that should broaden the appeal…” “The shape is a function of the Time Domain principle, but the result is still a fabulous looking little speaker… somewhere between science fiction prop, organic growth and sculpture… looking […]

Maximum pleasure from a superb desktop audio system – Eclipse TD-M1

“I work from home, and most of that work is spent in front of a screen. It’s not possible to work with headphones, because I would be forever removing them to answer my land-line or mobile phone, so I’m a prime candidate for good desktop audio. What I didn’t realize is how much pleasure I […]

Wired Magazine says Eclipse TD-M1 is “one of the best sounding small speaker systems heard this year”

Wired Magazine said it was “One of the best-sounding small speaker systems we’ve heard this year…” “Work best as PC speakers on a desk, or as main speakers in a small listening room.” “The sound? Lively and sparkling. Place the speakers about ten feet apart, plant yourself in the sweet spot, and they will reproduce […]

Eclipse TD-M1 Android App released today!

The “ECLIPSE TD Remote for Android” application for the “TD-M1″ home audio wireless speaker system is released on Google Play™ TODAY! Until now, only wireless music streaming via “AirPlay” has been available for the TD-M1, with remote control functionality supported via the “TD Remote” application, exclusive only to iOS devices. This new Android application allows […]