Vivid Audio celebrates 10th anniversary debuting OVAL B1 DECADE, the B1d (limited edition) in Canada in November and U.S. in December

Vivid B1 Decade Loudspeaker Debut
U.S. B1d Debut

December 5th in Berkeley, CA at Music Lovers Audio. Get details about this event and reserve your spot.

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Canadian B1d Debut

January or February 2016 in Montreal at Coup de Foudre. Exact date pending. Get details about this event and reserve your spot.

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B1d tweeter grills
tweeter grilles for OVAL B1 DECADE, a feature available for existing B1 owners late October, 2015

Vivid Audio to debut their new addition to its OVAL Series Family, a limited edition revised OVAL B1d—November in Montreal at Coup de Foudre and December in Berkeley at Music Lovers Audio.

At US $28,000, the B1d loudspeakers assume the flagship position in the OVAL range due to its incredible performance and advanced construction. On display at the Munich High End Show, listeners were amazed at how the B1d produced sound quite close to one of the company’s GIYA offerings.

Vivid Audio’s tweeters are constructed with vapor deposits of aluminum and magnesium alloy. Extremely light-weight, these tweeters are driven by a hugely powerful magnet structure with rare earth metals, making them super-efficient with a remarkable performance at 98 dB. Historically however, these tweeters have been finger magnets with foil assembly that are extremely fragile.

In this revision, Vivid Audio’s Loudspeaker Designer, Laurence Dickie, pushed the envelope yet further to introduce new “finger-proof” designed tweeter grilles, offering additional protection without compromising the sonic performance. Tweeter grilles on the production units are injection molded with slightly tighter tolerances than the prototype introduced in Munich produced by 3D printing. While this new OVAL B1d looks similar to the existing OVAL B1, there are key differences best summarized by the chart below:

Key differences the Decade Edition Oval B1d has from the original OVAL B1
Features Benefits
GIYA type vacuum infused quadraxial glass cabinet Offers reduced mass and increased rigidity
GIYA G4 mass driver motor assemblies Offers greater shove resulting in fuller tighter bass and better LF definition
New D26 and D50 driver trim rings Offers better protection to the driver diaphragms
Completely new filter topologies Yields a more open better defined soundstage
New shaped ports Matches the new bass loading
New formed baffles front and rear Offers a modernized appearance and lower diffraction
New full GIYA type magnetically coupling grilles front and rear Quicker, easier and safer grille on, grille off endeavors
New terminal tray position Easier access for spade type connectors
C125 driver with magnet segments immediately adjacent to the voice coil Boosts the mid and high frequency performance

Vivid Audio celebrates their 10th year anniversary with the iconic B1 Decade loudspeakers in limited edition. Combining the merits of the latest driver technologies in an oval-shaped GIYA-like composite cabinet, this loudspeaker is symbolic of the decade of Vivid Audio’s experience in the high end audio industry.

There will only be 200 pairs of these extraordinary loudspeakers made, each individually labeled indicating the number in the limited series. Full production is expected in October, 2015. Pre-orders are currently accepted at your local dealers. Upgrades for tweeter grilles from current OVAL B1 owners are available with details to be announced in October.

Call +1 949 544 1990 or contact us to reserve yours now. Learn more about the Canadian B1d debut at Coup de Foudre here or about the U.S. B1d debut at Music Lovers in Berkeley, California here. Seats are limited so reserve your spot now.

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