Robb Report’s Robert Ross, self-claimed 2-channel perfectionist, reviewed and purchased Eclipse’s flagship combo

Robert Ross System: Eclipse TD712zMk2 loudspeakers, Eclipse 725SW subwoofer, Luxman D38u, Luxman Cl-88, Luxman MQ-88, & Luxman EQ-88

We originally lent Robert Ross some Luxman tube gear to use with JBL horns. He was so impressed with the sound that he ultimately purchased the higher level Luxman tube gear for his personal use.  We subsequently discussed a review based on our mutual love for the original QUAD ESL-57 electrostatic loudspeakers, of the Eclipse TD712zMk2 single-driver, near-field, flagship loudspeakers along with the Eclipse TD725SWMk2 reaction cancelling subwoofer.  The Eclipse monitors deliver a similar palpable and immediate presentation, devoid of colouration and cabinet resonances.

Robert is a great music lover, and through this Eclipse system found his love of music reignited. Not to be cliche, but this is why we are in this business. This hobby is infectious and transcendent. Please enjoy Robert’s review with excerpts below:

“Imagine listening to music through a speaker that is the equivalent of a sonic electron microscope – reproducing detail in a recording on what seems to be a molecular level and yet painting an aural wall-to-wall picture as if with a one haired sable brush…”

“…an Eclipse two-channel system produces a holographic sonic image of individual voices and instruments or small ensembles – or, as if from a whole different vantage point and distance, an entire symphonic landscape, stadium performance, or energy-charges studio recording.”

“As with any revealing system, excellent recordings reward the listener. Imagine discovering a pair of headphones – the best Stax, Sennheisers, HiFiMan, or Audeze – that reveal such depth of detail and nuance without having to be worn on the head; such unencumbered listening is what one experiences with the Eclipse speakers.”

“As for bass, the engineers at Fujitsu Ten have been very careful to engineer a subwoofer as formidable in its performance as it is complementary to the sonic signature of the Eclipse speakers, meaning it is clean, lightning fast in transient response, and so wholly integrated with the mid-bass frequencies of the main speakers that it can take over responsibilities of everything from 60 to 80 Hz down to about 30 Hz.”

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