Eclipse TD712zMk2 radiates unmatched soundstage from a single point, says Robert Deutsch, Stereophile


“Eight years ago, in my review of the TD712z, I said that their ‘precision of imaging and soundstage definition were virtually in classes by themselves.’ Since then I’ve had more speakers in my listening room, and while the room itself has undergone some acoustical improvements and there have been changes in the system, that statement applies to the TD712zMk2s as well. With the best recordings, the soundstage was wide and deep, with individual instruments and voices precisely positioned on it. Of speakers within my recent experience, the ones with the best soundstaging were the GoldenEar Triton Ones, but even they must take a back seat to the 712zMk2s. Multi-driver speakers such as the Triton One use crossovers and the spatial alignment of drivers to approximate the effect of sounds emanating from a single point – but they’re no match for single-driver speakers such as the TD712zMk2, in which sounds actually do radiate from a single point.”

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