Fiona Joy Hawkins with new music to share. How can you help?


If you like the piano music in the background of our video interview with Laurence Dickie for Vivid Audio’s B1D loudspeakers, you should look up two things (a) Fiona Joy Hawkins, a talented pianist, composer and artist from Australia, and (b) her piano of choice, Stuart & Sons, which has 103 keys as opposed to 88 keys in a normal Steinway 9′ Grand Piano. The result of this combo is the heavenly music and high quality recordings produced.

We have been fans of Fiona for a long time and had a chance to sit with her at the Newport Show this year (stay tuned for our scheduled article on this encounter in our next issue). We heard her new album fresh off the press with her for the first time. It was so beautiful, except, it needs to be released.

Fiona has been very generous in sharing her work. Her YouTube channel is full of her music she shared. I for one would like to see great artists continue to put out high quality music in high quality recordings.

If you enjoy her songs, please help her get her new album out to the world by participating in her crowd funding campaign that ends in six days: Indiegogo crowd funding campaign.

As an aside, our favorite is her cover on her own song, Grace, and you can hear it on the campaign page by clicking the video. Enjoy and let’s help her reach her goal. A heart-felt thank you for your help.

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