Ken Kessler & Paul Miller, HiFi News, “HIGHLY RECOMMEND” Luxman’s 90th birthday “celebratory” 700 series.

“Style, fit and finish ooze ‘luxury’ as the name has always implied, while tone controls are comprehensive yet avoiding clutter. Meters are a nice touch, as is the preamp’s display.”

“To any love of the blues in awe of Robert Johnson, they were near-religious in their intensity and respectfulness, conveyed through visceral twanging and enough detail to allow students of guitar to hear every single pluck, strum or slide performed by Slowhand and his fellow wizard.”

“This is a classy package, Luxman’s fine reputation remaining intact.”

“This combo does everything a ‘modern’ Luxman needs to attract new customers who can live without frills and those with fond memories of the brand. £14k is a lot to pay for nostalgia, but then the C-700u/M-700u is a lot of amplifier.”

HiFi News, September 2015

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