Eclipse drops price on its TD-M1 high-res audio wireless desktop system—from $1299 to just $999!

eclipse price drop

March 22nd 2016, San Juan Capistrano, CA: ECLIPSE, the high-performance loudspeaker division within Fujitsu Ten, the multi-billion-dollar global technology giant, has made its most resolute, easy to use, high-res audio wireless desktop system, TD-M1 $999 from $1,299!

The critically acclaimed and darling for music lovers worldwide, TD-M1 high-res-compatible wireless desktop audio system from ECLIPSE is now more affordable than ever before, thanks to a dramatic price reduction of 20 percent, following favorable exchange rate for U.S. consumers to purchase Japanese goods.

Eclipse TD-M1
Eclipse TD-M1

Since its launch, the TD-M1 has redefined desktop audio sound quality, offering a powerful combination of Eclipse’s accurate waveform reproduction expertise, plus a raft of innovative technology, including AirPlay compatibility, high-res audio playback, plus digital amplification. The TD-M1 system brings audiophile sound quality to desktops, workspaces and a multitude of rooms around the home and is built for the digital age.

See what the pros have to say about the TD-M1:

Al Schmitt TD-M1 endorser
Al Schmitt has won 21 Grammy Awards and has worked with world’s famous artists such as Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, George Benson, Toto, Steely Dan, Eric Clapton, Diana Krall, Willie Nelson, Norah Jones and many more.
He was awarded a star on Hollywood’s famous walk of fame by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

“We went into the room at AES (Audio Engineering Society) and Hiroshi(Kowaki of ECLIPSE) played something that I recorded and it sounded just the way it did when we recorded it. It sounded great, it was just so true sounding…The TD-M1’s work well with all kinds of music…they are very transparent and they work well with everything.”

Al Schmitt
Grammy Award winning producer, mixer and engineer Neil Dorfsman
Grammy Award winning producer, mixer and engineer Neil Dorfsman has worked with artists that include Dire Straits, Bruce Hornsby and Sting.

“In my studio…they have become the ‘go-to’ speaker for checking mixes, balances, and simply enjoying music. They sound—and look—amazing.”

John Williams Eclipse TD-M1 testimonial
Guitarist John Williams

“The most natural and clear sound I have heard. The best solution for amplifying my guitar without losing its original quality and delicate tone. I find these speakers ideal for my solo performances.”

John Williams
Morten Lindberg is a Recording Producer and Balance Engineer with 23 American Grammy nominations since 2006. Sixteen of these are in categories Best Engineered Album, Best Surround Sound Album and Producer of the Year.
Morten Lindberg is a Recording Producer and Balance Engineer with 23 American Grammy nominations since 2006. Sixteen of these are in categories Best Engineered Album, Best Surround Sound Album and Producer of the Year.

“I use the TD-M1 to verify instrumental balance in our masters. The Eclipse provide an extremely clear and analytical imaging beyond conventional speaker technology.”

The ultimate desktop audio solution

The TD-M1 uses the same award-winning technology employed in Eclipse’s flagship TD-712 speaker ($10,600) and adds the convenience of wireless connectivity and high-resolution music playback, thanks to its advanced built-in DAC.

Powerful performance from a space-saving design

Eclipse TD-M1

Despite its compact dimensions, which make the TD-M1 easy to place anywhere in the home, the TD-M1 produces class-leading sound accuracy thanks to its high-efficiency Class- D digital amp, crossover-less drivers and, of course, Eclipse’s unique egg-shaped enclosure.

Studio-master-tape sound quality

From input to output, the Eclipse TD-M1 is designed to work with today’s high-resolution music. Its built-in 192kHz/24-bit DAC is capable of handling 6.5x the amount of data on a CD! With a world-class signal-to-noise ratio and ultra-low distortion, the TD-1M is capable of up to studio-master-quality playback, providing the ultimate audio quality and valuable future-proofing.

Unparalleled wireless convenience and app-control

Wireless playback via AirPlay® makes the Eclipse TD-M1 intuitive and easy to use. CD- quality (44.1kHz/16-bit) lossless audio can be streamed from iOS devices directly, without the need for a router. Furthermore, the free Eclipse TD Remote app offers remote control functionality for iOS (6 or later) and Android devices, giving power, volume and input switching functionality.

Simple set-up and operation

Eclipse TD-M1 inputsOne-touch speaker angle adjustment allows for easy optimization and an unbelievably realistic presentation, with the precise imaging of voices and instruments. Intuitive touch- sensor controls are built into the base of the speaker and simple LED indicators display operational functions. An external input (3.5mm stereo mini-jack) enables TVs to be connected for hi-fi quality sound from movies, broadcasts and streamed content.

Price and availability

The TD-M1 is available now at the new price of $999.00.

Technical specifications

Full technical specs can be found on the Eclipse TD-M1 product page.

Contact us today to get the TD-M1 at its new lower price of $999.

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