“Extremely musical system” at AXPONA with Luxman EQ-500, by Stereophile’s Jason Serinus

042016 MoFi 600

This year, we showed our new Luxman EQ-500 at Axpona in Music Direct’s room.  Jason Serinus called the system an “extremely musical system”.

To quote directly from his notes:  “Lots of midrange . . . the trumpet is gorgeous . . . the smoothness of the characteristically Vandersteen midrange is wonderful . . . lovely blend . . . nails the tinkly-ness of the piano very well.”

The music he described was actually “the sound of a test pressing of Santana’s “Black Magic Woman” from Abraxas… part of the forthcoming 45rpm, extremely Limited Edition UltraDisc, which will be made with a new UltraDisc One-Step 1 plating process.”

Read more on Jason Victor Serinus’ article.

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