Splendid Luxman L-590AXII review in Hi-Fi World!

Hi-Fi World has an excellent review of Luxman’s new flagship L-590AX MKII integrated amplifier in their June 2016 issue. The L-590AX MKII is essentially a more powerful version of the popular L-550AX (which won a 5 Globes Award from Hi-Fi World last year) and features many upgraded components.

“Class A operation, retro looks and a host of features add up to one of the best integrated amplifiers you can buy…

“The original L-550AX was a very good amplifier by market standards, but Luxman have taken all its essential elements and improved on them for the flapship L-590AX MKII. It has more power and detail yet retains the same easy-going musicality and foot-tapping sound. It is an absolute gem.”

by Philip O'Hanlon

Music Evangelist and Master of Musical Enjoyment—Philip spends his time looking for fine music, tuning up synergistic electronic components to get the best sound, and making music compilations so he can share his listening journey and experiences with friends and acquaintances.

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