Find out why industry insiders from press to manufacturers to dealers use Artesania Audio’s rack systems when they want to sound their best.

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We all know that fair/show environment is really far from ideal to showcase audio equipment at its best.  So we all need all the help we can get to be able to offer auditions to show goers as close to what our equipment can do as possible. At the end of the day, it is about helping music lovers and audiophiles make that new emotional connection with their favorite piece of music or with a new piece of music they want to explore.

Artesania Audio racks and accessories are truly the top choice for high end equipment manufacturers, distributors, dealers to use not just for audio fairs but also in their own showrooms. Hear/See it for yourself.

(in no particular order)

Alan Sikes – Ocean Way Audio, CA
Paul Jayson – Viola Audio Laboratories
Jean Marie Clauzel – Metronome Technologie, France
Ted Denney – Synergistic Research
Jim Garrett – Harman Luxury Audio
Hugh Fountain III – Music Lovers Audio, Berkeley, CA
Ricardo Franassovici – Absolute Sounds, UK
Di end Gruhn – Brodmann, Austria
Karl Liander, Stylus, Sweden
Ken Kessler, HiFi News, UK
Robert Wan, Fortwise, Hong Kong
Volker Bohlmeier, EINSTEIN, Germany

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