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Artesania New Racks Announcement3

Artesania Audio has broadened its product offerings with the release of 3 new rack systems, each incorporating its proprietary anti-resonance acoustic treatment.  We are proud to announce Artesania’s new flagship “Master Kyo” carbon fiber rack system, its new Airforce I & II Rack System with technical input from TechDAS, Japan, and its new “Mini” Rack System for Nagra / Audio Alchemy / Cyrus components.

Watch video here or above for the product announcement.  Find out what TechDAS, Ocean Audio, Viola, Metronome, On A Higher Note have to say about them.

Summary of the New Rack Systems:

–  Flagship Master Kyo Rack System with adjustable Teflon cylinders, carbon fiber arms and beech wood isolation discs, with matching carbon fiber, KEVLAR, and KRION multi-layer platforms, now offered in 3-shelf, 4-shelf, and 3+3-shelf tandem configurations.  Geared towards the uncompromising customer who has to have the best.

–  Airforce I and Airforce II Rack System in special high gloss black along with a KRION platform with matching insets and absorbent materials developed by TechDAS, Japan, ofered in a 4-shelf configuration.

–  Mini Rack System (for Nagra, Audio Alchemy, Cyrus etc) with stainless steel frame, gunmetal standard color, black or silver optional, offered in 3-shelf, 4-shelf, and 3+3-shelf tandem configurations.

New beech wood bases have been introduced to be included in their isolation bases and decoupling discs systems for added flexibility.  Watch the video as we explain how to use some of the accessories to bring about the highest performance per dollar for your audio systems and why this is a necessity and not a luxury.

About Artesania’s distinct propositions:  

Artesania Audio’s rack systems are designed so that their racks double as an audio component.  These racks have a double structure with no shelves.  Designed to eliminate vibrating transmissions of the enclosure, Artesania aims to deliver a clean natural sound, free of smearing from resonance.

It is Artesania Audio’s belief that shelves are just another resonating surface.  Racks that have damped, substrate layer shelves drive the price up dramatically.  Instead, Artesania puts each electronic component in suspension, treating each one independently while isolating the rack itself from room induced resonances.

With the damper’s placement on the electronics, electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference are channeled within the chassis of the electronic components, resulting in a cleaner, more focused sound quality.  Three distinct floor spacer options allow you to tailor the system to the sound quality of your preference.

Download your Artesania brochures :

New Artesania complete brochures can be downloaded New Artesania complete brochures can be downloaded here


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or your nearest Artesania dealer in North America.  Let us help you find the correct solution to gain the highest performance improvement per dollar for your audio systems.

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