Testimonial: Happy Arizona client sad to go back to work after a great weekend of listening to his newly purchased ex demo Luxman M-800A and C-800f combo

shipping C 800f abd M 800A

We get deep into components we represent and learn them organically.  We know their limits and know what goes well together.  Assembling a music system is an assemblage art.  This client came to us first about 2 years ago and recently finally decided to purchase one of the Luxman M-800A ex demo units of ours.  He was looking to purchase our C-600f but because we first got to know him and learn about his preferences, we were able to tell him that he wouldn’t be happy with that combo and really needed to build a C-800f and M-800A system instead.  Waking up to notes like these coming through morning emails is one of the reasons we get out of bed to do what we do.  Thought we would share…

Dear Pandora and Philip,

Back to work after a great weekend’s listening! Bummer! 

Just to let you know the amps arrived safe and sound yesterday. I’m glad I took your advice; they sound absolutely tremendous with the D-08: liquid and velvety, yes, but superb tangible texture to instruments and voices, and air around them. Completely different league from my old Marantz integrated. I look forward to reacquainting myself with my (classical) CD collection. That could take a while, as I have about 50,000 of them! 

Thanks again for your expert advice, and it was a pleasure doing business with you! 

Best wishes,

David P., AZ

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