Important note about speaker cable, interconnects, and power cords for systems that have an analogue amplifier in the chain such as Gryphon’s

VIP Speaker Cable 1

VIP M5 Power Cord 1

Gryphon’s basic philosophy is one of sonic neutrality and Gryphon amplifiers are very special as they are equipped with an enormous bandwidth.  As Gryphon prefers to leave interpretation to the musicians and singers, it is Gryphon’s belief that we don’t need a cable with a particular “sound” of its own to balance or to “equalize” your system.

All Gryphon amplifiers are designed and manufactured with an extreme bandwidth and in some cases the wrong choice of speaker cable can become an issue and will create potential problems in the collaboration between the amplifier and the speakers, with the speaker cable as an interactive factor.

Gryphon recommends to

  1. Steer away from speaker cables for Gryphon amplifier with a coaxial design, active shielding or special boxes that will add-on different types of filtration. A speaker cable with a coaxial design or with active shielding will in most cases have a much lower bandwidth than the amplifier and therefore the amplifier will be met with too high a capacitance load causing oscillation of the amplifier. There is no need to actively add filtration on an analogue amplifier. It doesn’t serve the final reproduction of the music any good.
  2. Use speaker cables with a low capacitance and a wide bandwidth in order to match the specs of the amplifier’s bandwidth and output impedance. From Gryphon’s standpoint, there is no need to add more “negative” filtration to the system given their emphasis to have the finest level of tonal balance and neutrality.

Choose your cables with the highest level of attention to the actual parameters of the cable design (e.g. cable geometry, capacitance, bandwidth, insulation, conductor material and connectors) and aim for low capacitance and sonic neutrality.  From that standpoint, Gryphon’s own range of interconnects, loudspeaker cables and power cords are used in the development of Gryphon products. Gryphon cables are designed for ultimate neutrality and resolution. They are extremely revealing and will allow the ultimate quality of your Gryphon system or any fine audio components to come through clearly and undiminished.  Do give it a try with your Gryphon units and let us know what you think.

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