Gryphon Zena Preamplifier now at dealers’ site – visit a showroom for more information

gryphon zena f 43158 banner

Zena preamp arrived at dealers’ site mid January. Below are some system photos and some videos posted by dealers. Dealers have their own experience and plenty of anecdotes to share as to how Zena sounds in their respective systems and at their clients’ systems during in-home auditions. Reach out to the dealer nearest you to hear how you can opportunistically improve your music experience.


20/20 Evolution Systems, Potomac MD, showcasing Gryphon with Artesania Audio racks


Delve Audio, New Jersey


Supra Hi Fi, Garland Tx

showcasing Gryphon Colosseum driven by Zena Preamp with Artesania Audio display


Joseph Cali Systems Design, New York, NY & Calabasas, CA
Zena on display at both audition rooms with Artesania racks


Suncoast Audio, Sarasota, FL, also an Artesania Audio dealer

The Sound Environment, Omaha, NE and the new second location in the Crossroad Art District in Kansas City
Zena, Colosseum, Diablo 300, Pandora on active display


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