Part 6 of 6: Demo Material LPs—Rock/Alternative

LPs Part6 6

Here’s a list for those of us who, as one of our clients referred to himself as “cannot be pinned down” with regard to musical genres.  We like many kinds of music and expect our system to do well with everything.  Some systems have a wide range of top notch performance but some are particular.  Our Eclipse TD systems for example are only great for near field listening and believe me, they are unbelievably involving in the right set up.  But if we want louder, wider sound stage, more bass, the Gryphon line works better.  We love the sound of vacuum tubes when we play classical music in a small room and we use our Luxman vacuum tube system for that.. See our write up about this system here.

Part 6 of 6 focuses on rock/alternative albums on my list of demo material LPs. This list is for those who “can’t be pinned down”, or want to expand your listening horizon.

London Grammar If You Wait
London Grammar – if You Wait / A1
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Alabama Shakes Sound Color
Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color / A2
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Vanessa Fernandez When The Levee Breaks
Vanessa Fernandez – When The Levee Breaks (Groove Note) / C1
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Bjork Vulincura
Bjork – Vulnicura / A1, A2
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Yello – Toy / A2
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Leonard Cohen Popular Problems
Leonard Cohen – Popular Problems / B2
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