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Since the Long Playing vinyl 10 & 12” records were first introduced in 1948, there really has not been any major significant improvements to the format.

Sorry, Quadraphonic never took off.

I have an amazing  10” record of Duke Ellington’s Liberian Suite that was recorded direct to lacquer in 1948, this was one of the earliest “direct to disc” recordings on vinyl and truly its a sublime recording & performance by the Duke Ellington A list band.

You can imagine how delighted I was to receive an email last week, outlining the HD Vinyl process.

Instead of a nickel plated stamper,  the new stamper is made of ceramic and the grooves are cut by laser.

Sonically, by removing all three generation losses inherent in normal record manufacturing, we will enjoy the same quality as the MoFi  “One-Step Process”.

Accuracy wise, the laser cut grooves should be a lot more precise.  The switch to a ceramic stamper should reduce the sonic quality variety as the production process progresses from an early pressing to a late pressing.  Not to mention that the ceramic should be a lot harder wearing.

Looking forward to hearing some HD Vinyl reissues.

Action required – watch this space : https://hdvinyl.org/

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