Eclipse TD 508MK3

TD508MK3 in silver

Customer Feedback repost from an email

These are wonderful speakers and voiced exactly how I’d hoped given my set up.

As you know my original plan was to use these as desktop monitors wall mounted. Since the speakers cannot be mounted 90 degrees from the wall, its hard to get them to an ideal position. Then I stepped back and started listening and realized that these speakers need (deserve) room to breath. Clearly being stuck on a wall isn’t optimal, to say the least. So I used the mount to firmly a-fix the speakers to a pair of quality stands.

Took a bit of fuddling but I’m happy with the aesthetic.  They’re like floating little sculptures in a museum. Now I get to enjoy all sides of these Funky Cold Madinas. ;-).

The speakers’ best characteristic is the midrange, but the highs are lovely too, obliviously paired to two REL subs to fill out the bottom.  Using the DSP, I can dial in the crossover points, frequency and gain to suit my preference. I’m able to represent the whole frequency spectrum really well. They are quick, tight and tonally true, represents classical piano very well.

The 508’s are highly resolving speakers too, to the extent that a cable or source change is audible. So now I’m rebuilding all interconnects and power cables to fine tune the sound further, I think I can find even more transparency in there.

I’ve got maybe 100 hrs on them and their still breaking in so in a bit I’ll be doing a more formal YouTube review but wanted to just reach out and say thanks and to share some private shots.

Thank you again and if anyone is ever on the fence about these speakers, please use me as a reference. They’re wonderful.

Please tell Mr. Hiroshi San how much I appreciate his design. He’s a brilliant engineer and sound artist.

–   Dennis Pinto

Current set-up:

Integrated power amplifier:
Music Server and Dirac Live DSP Processor:
Speakers: Eclipse TD508MKIII.

Subs: 2 X REL T Zero’s
Power: Furman line conditioner, 2X Blue Circle sound pillows (AC filters). 
Room:  13’ X 15.5’, heavily treated especially first order reflections, walls and corners. Build a sound cloud damper above speakers. Hardwood floor.  Has lots of book shelves w books for refusing. Rooms is not live not dead very smooth, warm, natural and open sounding.  System has an incredibly low spooky noise floor, barely any hiss audible w ear pressed on the river at full volume!
Music source: Roon using the minds SHD as endpoint with Tidal Masters subscription.
Cables:  Speaker: Belden star quad, 14 4, very fine and flexible high strand bulk cable. terminations are silver tinned, no connector to speaker binding post on both speakers and AMP.

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