Philip’s Demo Playlists on Qobuz & Tidal

Philips Demo CDs Playlist

Are you looking for some great music that sounds terrific?  People have certain genres and different preferences.  We have a wide interest and one basic criteria – it has to be music worth listening to, over & over again.​

While we really enjoy the use of the digital streaming services like Qobuz and TIDAL, we tend to listen to new music using one of these services as a prelude to decide if we want to own the music.  At the end of the day, we much prefer physical music format when we am actively listening.  While we are agnostic as to which physical format, we take pride in trying to own the music in its highest sound quality.

Sharing the joy of putting a record on my Bergmann Audio Galder turntable with the vacuum holddown feature

We prefer physical format as it sounds better and it affords us a tangible physical interaction.  We are built with multiple sensory.  Interacting with music audibly in its highest sound quality available, tactilely and visually in its physical form, is just a more emotional engagement in our opinion.

Below are some playlists that will put a smile on your face & meanwhile put your system through its paces.​  Happy listening.

(First published at’s November 2020 newsletter.  Graphics credit: whatsbestforum.  View here in your browser)

Note: Please open Tidal or Qobux and copy the link. Once the Playlist is open, you need to select the Heart, that registers this playlist as a favorite so you can reopen whenever you wish. We spend a huge amount of time every year compiling these Demo CDs. The actual CDs usually have some songs that are not available for streaming and sometimes better versions of the same song. Similarly both Tidal & Qobuz have a song not available on the other platform.


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