The Best High-End Audio Setups for the Most Discerning Music Lovers, Whether you’re a purist, maximalist or historicist, we’ve got you covered, by Robert Ross, the Robb Report, October 2022

Room Set Up 2 scaled

Listening to great music on a superior sound system is one of life’s sublime pleasures … most serious music listeners prefer a stereophonic setup with left and right speakers to replicate the experience of hearing real performers in a real venue … We’ve assembled three component groupings to appeal to three very different types of audiophiles. The Purist, clearly a Porsche 911 GT3 Touring driver who values finesse over brute strength, approaches a stereo as he would a martini, confident that fewer ingredients are the shortest route to the heart of Bach’s Art of Fugue… (Read full article >>> HERE >>> to see how Midrange Magic system curated by On A Higher Note’s Philip O’Hanlon using with Moonriver Audio 404R Integrated Amp with 505 Phonostage, Bergmann Audio’s Modi Airbearing turntable with Thor airbearing turntable tonearm on Artesania Audio’s turntable platform and Graham Audio’s LS5/5 BBC designed loudspeakers was featured as the choice system for The Purist).

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