Karen Souza – Hotel Souza

Hotel Souza

Join Karen at her warm & inviting Hotel Souza.  Let your eyes linger on the sexy and sultry blonde but watch out for her warm and captivating voice with crystal clear diction and precise phrasing with a wonderful nuance and intonation in her delivery, certainly enough to capture your heart.

Karen Souza co-authored Eight of the Hotel rooms, all carefully decorated with a judicious flair for the melodic and poetic, a must-have for any devotee of the jazz vocal genre.

For the Maitre’D, Ms. Souza chose Joel McNeely, a skilled conductor, composer and producer who guides Hotel Souza to a remarkable level of polish & professionalism.

From the opening notes of Paris, as the orchestra wafts into your listening room, the strings are sweet, the winds sweeter still, when her jazz band mingles with the orchestra, the sound-stage is perfectly set for the Diva herself. Be careful she doesn’t steal your heart.

The album was originally released on CD in 2012, but only released on vinyl in 2017, re-released in 2019.

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