Westside Story 2021 – Philip’s Music Notes

West Side Story

This is truly a stellar recording with reference quality, available on CD, LP, and streaming.  Even if you don’t normally like musicals, this is a must-buy.  We have been using side 1 of the LP set for evaluating equipment, as well as speaker placement.

Paul Seydor from TAS has a distinct passion for this musical to a point it is perfectly infectious.  Here’s the conclusion in his TAS review:

“Like any great work of the theatre, West Side Story was a collaborative effort by four prodigiously gifted artists in their prime. But it’s Bernstein’s music that elevated the show to greatness and keeps it there. In the documentary made when he recorded the score, the composer indulged himself a moment of pride, marveling at how “fresh” the music still sounds—then he immediately demurred: “Well, it’s not fresh the way Mozart stays fresh.” We must all admire his humility, but who can concur with that pull back? It’s over 60 years since an opening night audience heard that tritone with its augmented fourth sounding out on a Broadway stage for the first time. Yet this music remains as fresh now as then—nay, fresher even, because we know it so much better, thus appreciate it deeper, thus treasure it all the more.” Read for his full review >>> HERE >>>

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