Graham Audio distributor ex demos fleet refresh Sale – call your Graham dealer

Graham Distributor ex demo refresh sale 20221109

We are refreshing our Graham Audio ex-demo fleet to prepare for the new year.   With the support of our authorized dealers, we are announcing the models and finish we have selected for sale to the public at this time.

Offered between 20% to 25% off current retail prices with full manufacturers’ warranty, we have LS3 Black, LS3/5 Rosewood, LS5/9 Oak, LS5/9f Rosewood, and LS5/8S Oak, LS5/5 Rosewood, LS5/5 Oak, LS5/5f Oak, and LS5/8 Ebony.  These are all individual one-off ex demos and are our units for press reviews and for shows.  Kept in excellent condition, they are to be sold through our Graham dealer network..

Take advantage of the savings, and certainly before 2023 new pricing kicks in.  Photos upon request. First come first serve.  Call your nearby dealer or reach us >>>  here >>>.

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