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Philip O’Hanlon’s Eclipse TD Playlist at T.H.E. Show Newport 2016

Eclipse at T.H.E. Show 2016 playlist by Philip O'Hanlon

This year at T.H.E. Show Newport 2016, I spent an hour every afternoon in Eclipse’s room (#410) playing SACDs from my personal collection. I created a compilation from my SACD collection to highlight the capabilites of the remarkable Eclipse TD nearfield monitors. If you’re interested in listening to the playlist, I added it to TIDAL. […]

Philip’s Playlist Series – Tender Waves on TIDAL, 2006, inspired by his visit to Lake Tahoe

Sitting by the water’s edge on Lake Tahoe, the waves roll gently towards the shore. The music rolls tenderly along the waves. Just as no two waves are the same, here the music from all over the globe washes gently over us, each song a unique experience. Best enjoyed late at night with a small shot […]

Philip’s Playlist Series – Box of Fun on TIDAL, 2006, inspired by Randy Cribb of Audio Advice

I was asked by Randy Cribb of Audio Advice in Raleigh NC to provide him with a compilation “You should consider putting together a demo disk with more tunes that show off dynamics and bass, as that is what gets most people really excited when listening to speakers”. If every track were widely dynamic, it […]

Philip’s Playlist Series – Love Potion on TIDAL, 2009

This is a wonderful compilation that I am delighted to be able to share with my friends. When I originally tried to assemble this on Tidal, many of the songs were unavailable so I put it aside. It’s now complete. Originally compiled in 2009, this album cost me a small fortune in time & $$, […]

Philip’s Playlist Series – Transcendence on TIDAL, 2006

A wonderful compilation from 2006; while the music might be considered a little eclectic, I came across many of these tunes while living near the Goldfields in W. Australia. Tuned in to the BBC World service at night, where I sated my lust for interesting music. The commercially programmed radio stations in Australia were stuck […]

Montreal’s Salon Son & Image 2015 pre-show rundown, music in my suitcase!

Off to Montreal we go! My affinity towards both Montreal, the city and their French Canadian residents is well-known. As a token of appreciation to the hospitality I receive, I made it a point to be on the look out for delightful French music during my travels throughout the year to play in Montreal. In […]

My TIDAL! experience – High fidelity lossless music streaming with Luxman D-100r

SQ-N10 and D-100R playing Tidal

David Solomon and Pal Bratelund from TIDAL came by during Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and installed WIMP on my notebook computer so I could test drive TIDAL ahead of its launch.  TIDAL offers full CD quality streaming using either FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) or ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) at 16 bit/44kHz and at a bitrate of 1411kbps (versus Spotify premium […]