Luxman’s D-05, MQ-88, & C-600f

By John Marks

John Marks had high praise in the April Stereophile for the Luxman C-600f (preamp), D-05 (SACD player) and the MQ-88 (tube-amp) – they were all entered into Stereophile’s Class A Recommended Components Buyer’s Guide.


“Luxman’s D-05 stereo SACD/CD player is built like a tank. It is listenable and sophisticated, a mite tubey and euphonic, and a real thoroughbred when playing SACDs. Luxman’s D-05 should be on your shopping list, especially if you have a large collection of SACDs and/or are serious about computer audio. Highly recommended.”

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“Two things stood out about the MQ-88′s sound. First, it sounded much more powerful than a 40W pc amp, most visitors guessed it was 65W pc or more. The MQ-88′s ability to fill the room with the sound of a pipe organ or orchestra was as surprising as it was satisfying, and underlined once again that the rated number of watts is only half the story. The MQ-88 had oomph in spades, by any measure. The MQ-88 is about enjoying the vacuum tube experience in the most fuss-free way possible- its glory is in its delectable mid-range.”

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“The C-600f’s sound with the MQ-88 was transparent and open, with a wonderful balance of detail and warmth. Had I been told that the C-600f was full of priceless New Old Stock tubes, nothing I heard would have made me suspect I was being fooled. I enjoyed my time with it immensely.”

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